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Working with our partners, we provide clear markets to invest, oversee risk and raise capital covering major asset classes. Our markets are upheld by leading data and analytics and built on advanced execution technology.

Betavalley leverages technology to transform businesses and deliver sustainable outcomes through operational risk management and performance. Our value proposition is reflected in a highly differentiated approach to executing and managing strategies aimed at delivering transformative outcomes, based on a 360-degree view of risk across all stages of the investment lifecycle; from investment strategy to acquisition, value creation, and exit.

Global Market Entry

Companies face challenges when entering new global markets (Global Market Entry) and with their existing global operations (Globalization). Betavalley Investments offers a comprehensive suite of services that leverage the right people with proven processes and are enabled with technology, analytics and best practices. Our proven business model combines senior global professionals who operate locally overseas with senior global professionals who operate at the headquarters level. We augment our core group of management consultants and investment bankers with world-class senior advisors.

Betavalley Investments provides a pro-growth, yet pragmatic, results-based approach to global market entry. Our delivery is flexible enough to allow you to participate in separate service modules and structured enough so that you can participate in the entire end to end solution. Typically, a solution might consist of research, strategy and execution.

Real Estate Advisory

They say all real estate is local. We say that it's global and local. Whether your property is in London or Dubai, global strategic issues impact local asset values. We make it our business to understand and capitalize on these issues, in our own back yard and all over the world. This sets us apart and makes our knowledge and perspective truly valuable to our clients. Regardless of your needs, Betavalley Investments possesses the skills and experience needed to determine and execute the best strategy – whether you need a straightforward local transaction or a team to handle multiple-site acquisitions or dispositions across the globe.

We focus on the acquisition and financing of strategically identified, typically off-market properties and portfolios across Europe and Asia for our international and national commercial owners and Private Equity fund partners and clients.

Our model involves researching the market and submarkets using proprietary market research data and methods and then selecting properties that fit our client criteria for acquisition targets that fit their competitive advantage. We then engage the owners of those properties to facilitate a transaction.

Economic Development

Betavalley Investments provides economic development consulting services to leading organisations worldwide. We help economic development organisations at the state, regional, and local level with an array of services that leverage our expertise in international trade, business development and economic development.

We bring the perspective of the investment decision maker, combined with the considerable economic and business development experience of our staff, to benefit our economic development clients.

We provide our services as a partner to national and regional economic development agencies, governments, public organisations and industry clusters, providing results-based investment attraction and trade promotion solutions.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Promotion

Betavalley Investments leverages its strong experience serving international clients across diverse industry verticals to provide a range of customised Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Promotion services. Economic development organisations can benefit from our comprehensive resources, which they can selectively utilise based on their specific requirements.

Business Intelligence

Betavalley Investments identifies, analyses and generates actionable information on commercial opportunities and business intelligence, including products, technologies, companies and markets, competitive landscapes, regulatory requirements, R&D pipelines, and more.

Market research, competitive intelligence, and business information are generated through primary and secondary research, then verified and analysed by our senior staff members. Our expertise is in accurately obtaining and verifying key information in developed and emerging markets that is under the radar (difficult to detect by conventional means).

We provide clients with the knowledge and opportunity to act on strategic information prior to its widespread dissemination and to execute alliances with a first mover advantage through:

- Betavalley Investments proprietary information networks and databases;
- Custom-developed personal relationships with key executives at corporations, emerging companies, and technology clusters;
- Unique access to financial organisations including VC and equity investment groups and funding sources for emerging technologies.

All aspects of each assignment are completely customised based on the requirements of the client. Betavalley Investments generates analytical reports containing value-added, actionable business intelligence – reporting on information of strategic importance